The Records Management Solution for Microsoft 365

The Simple Way to Harness Microsoft 365’s Records Management Capabilities

Orinoco365 enables consistent governance through the automation of retention and metadata across SharePoint Sites and Microsoft Teams.

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Workflow illustration: Request and Settings connect to Configuration Logic, resulting in Consistent Workspaces.


With Orinoco365 you can:

  • Avoid the need for manual tagging

  • Ensure contextual classification of content by default
  • Improve your search results with automated application of metadata
  • Reduce the cost of successful records management in Microsoft 365

  • Automatically extend governance to new libraries and private / shared channels

“Our aim is to provide records managers with a tool that radically improves information governance and controls the application of retention across both SharePoint and Teams”.

Robert Bath

Rob Bath

Orinoco365 Product Owner
Executive Digital Director, IRMS
Knowledge & Information Management Practice Lead, Intelogy

Don’t compromise the quality of compliance with Orinoco365

Applying Microsoft’s retention labels and policies to your content can be a daunting task. Despite the wealth of options provided by Microsoft, many organisations face a dilemma of having to choose between expensive customisation or compromising on the quality of their compliance though reliance on manual tagging or overly generic policies.

Orinoco365 seeks to resolve these issues by providing a cost-effective model for harnessing Microsoft’s retention features.

How is Orinoco365 different →

Having been asked to implement numerous custom records management solutions for our clients, we decided to combine all of the best features into an affordable product.

We know that there are various records management products out there that allow you to govern content in Microsoft 365. These solutions require you to define complex retention rules, which are stored separately from your content in a database controlled by the vendor.

Hard to move away from (without losing all of your retention) and often with eye-watering costs we felt it was about time for a new approach.

Orinoco365 has a very different philosophy – our aim is to make it easier for you to use Microsoft’s retention labels and policies, without creating any additional burden on your end users.
This means we can offer you →


We’re proud to introduce Orinoco365 – the tool that takes the pain out of managing records in Microsoft 365. Our aim is to align you with Microsoft’s native retention capabilities (not lead you down a dead end path!). If you’re interested, we’d be delighted to have a chat to tell you more!